Best List of Android Betting Apps in 2021

If you are a sports betting fan like us, but you have a lot of questions about how safe, convenient and comfortable it is to wager on your handy device, then you are in the right place. We have studied all the pitfalls and decided to share all the nuances of betting apps for Android phones, which ones are considered to be the best and how we add them to our list. Let’s go!
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Andrei Gus

Top 5 Best Betting Apps On Android in South Africa

Best Sports Betting Apps for Android: Top 3

From the variety of applications, we are ready to distinguish the three main ones that have recommended themselves as the best. And here's why.
  1. Bet365
  2. Betfred
  3. 888Sport
  4. Betfair

Top Android Betting Apps Reviews

What Is The Best Android Betting App in 2021: Tips For Beginners

Our complete guide of the best sports betting apps for Android in 2021 will definitely help all sports betting enthusiasts who want to find the perfect application, learn its functionality and features, download it to the mobile device and bet on their favorite game.

We do daily research on the South African betting app market, so we know better than anyone that finding the perfect app that meets all our requirements takes a lot of time and effort, and is not always successful. That’s why our guide includes all the necessary information, recommendations, step-by-step instructions, and a list of the best Android betting apps to facilitate your choice and the betting process itself.

The main problem faced by punters is the variety of applications available. They don’t differ in any other way than the color and the name of the app’s icon. In order not to make a mistake and to understand which app suits you best and which is good, we share a list of the best apps and all the secrets of choosing an app on our website.

How Do We Include An
Android Betting App For South Africans In Our List?

The reality is that, like any business, bookmakers are mainly interested in making money. From this, we conclude that preference should be given to an app that is not only attractive and convenient but also reliable.
Since betting applications are numerous and varied, the choice is not always easy and involves many important factors that should be paid attention to when choosing the best betting app android. That is why, in order to advise you, we decided to set an objective rating of the betting apps based on the following conditions.

Betting Apps On Android FAQs